Ford Truck Brake Rotors, Brake Pads & Chassis Parts

Sp Performance Cross Drilled and Slotted brake rotorsThe brake system on a car or truck works by converting kinetic energy into heat energy. The friction between the brake pads and rotor creates heat, but when brakes get too hot bad things can happen. The most dangerous thing about hot brakes is the decrease in braking power known as “brake fade”.

Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake PadsHowever, heat is a normal product of the braking system. The problem is, too much heat, for every increase of 100 degrees over the normal operating temperature, brake wear doubles. The longer brakes stay at high temperatures, the more wear they experience. Also, at high braking temperatures, a gas is expelled by the brake pads, (known as "out-gassing"), which forms a barrier between the pad and rotor. The out-gassing effectively pushes the pad away from the rotor reducing brake efficiency.

Hawk Performance Brake PadsBy upgrading your rotors and brake pads you will provide the best solution by considerably decreasing brake temperatures and increasing brake pad to rotor contact by effectively reducing brake pad out gassing.

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