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Are these 'beru' plugs?
yes,these are OEM Ford/Motorcraft glow plugs and say 'beru' on them.
Whats the difference between Mann PL250 and PL250/1?
They contain different media so the PL250 has a higher capacity and longer life while the PL250/1 has better filtration efficiency but lasts about half as long as the PL250.
ARE YOU A Ford Authorized Distributor?
Yes, we are a Ford authorized parts dealer.
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Shipping Questions
What is UPS Surepost?
UPS Surepost is a new shipping option we've recently added. Surepost is where UPS will pick up and handle most of the trasnportation except for what UPS calls the "last mile". UPS will deliver your package to your local US Post office and the USPS will handle the final leg of the delivery. In some cases if UPS determines they have another package being delivered to your location on the same day, UPS may handle the final delivery.
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