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Racor GreenMax

GreenMAX™ Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity, Fuel Filter/Water Separator With Options for All-Weather Operations.

Clean is the new green. GreenMAX is engineered for return on investment, and the operative word is GREEN – delivering a low cost filter change-out, low-cost per operation and environmentally friendly filter disposal.

High-Performance All-Weather Filtration
• Patented, Progressive Two-Stage Aquabloc® Media
• Hot Engine Return Fuel Recirculating Heater
• Ultra-High Efficiency + Capacity
• Trademark Racor Clear Bowl & Quick Turn Drain
• Heavy-Duty Design & Construction
As never before, today’s sensitive high-pressure
fuel injection systems demand flawless removal
of damaging water and solid contamination. Yet,
fuel additives to diesel and biodiesel have made separation of harmful liquid and solid particulates more challenging than ever.
The one-word solution is the same as it has been
for more than 40 years: Racor. Specifically, the new GreenMAX integrated fuel filter/water separator. GreenMAX is the apex of a continuous development effort to advance the art and science of filtration,
a program that has made Racor
filtration systems the preferred
brand on engines worldwide.

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Racor GreenMax

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